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Breaking down the Walls: Mormons Join Interfaith Effort to Feed Hungry at Thanksgiving

November 2013

Seaside, California - The parking lot of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Tuesday morning (just a stone’s throw from Monterey) is a scene of diversity and unity: Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons and other believers form relay lines 20 people deep that stretch into the church to quickly distribute 1,500 bags of food to needy families who have come by in hopes of a nice Thanksgiving meal.

Members of different faiths standing in line filling brown bags with food

These bags contain enough food — turkey, potatoes, corn, tortillas, beans, rice, salad, cranberry sauce and bread — to feed a family of five. They represent the fruits of a local interfaith outreach now in its sixth year, led by Bethel’s pastor, the Rev. Dr. H. H. Lusk Sr.

This important community initiative occurs prior to each Easter and Thanksgiving. Since its inception in 2008, the interfaith coalition has distributed nearly 45,000 meals. This year’s Thanksgiving event involves 15 congregations of various faiths and a few other organizations. They join together to feed those who can’t feed themselves and offer comfort in a time of need.

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