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Scholarship Helps Design Student's Future

September 2008

Chelsea Goates studies interior design Chelsea Goates

Chelsea Goates has wanted to be an interior designer for as long as she can remember. But the commitment required to become an interior designer does not pave an easy path to success. "LDS Business College helped me achieve my dream," said Chelsea, "but it has not been easy. To do well in this program takes a passion for design and a lot of hard work. I am constantly working on big projects and it is hard to do it all at the same time. But I have found a way to manage that time well, even if it means occasionally working until four in the morning."

Chelsea's hard work paid off. While some students dropped out of the program, Chelsea passed through with flying colors. Her freshman scholarship helped. "College is so expensive," said Chelsea. "When you add books and supplies-especially for interior design-it adds up quickly. I have spent hundreds of dollars on foam core and fabric. Getting a break on my tuition was such a blessing."

The education Chelsea has received extends deeper than just interior design and gave her more preparation for the job field than a mere degree.

"It also helps to have a great attitude," she said. "The program taught me how to interact with others and about the responsibilities I will face when I enter the workforce-what is appropriate and what isn't. You never learn that in high school."

Since graduating this spring, Chelsea has gone on to work full-time at an entry-level position of an interior design firm. There she is receiving valuable on-the-job experience and unique behind-the-scenes work opportunities. She plans to continue utilizing the education and study habits she gained at LDS Business College as she works in the constantly evolving field of interior design. "I feel like there is always something new to learn," she said.

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