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Can I Please Be A Giver?

December 2011

Late in the evening many Christmas Eves ago, Norma carefully placed presents under the tree for her little boys. She imagined how surprised they would be on Christmas morning. Then she paused in gratitude, looked out the window, and offered a short prayer. “Heavenly Father,” she said, “we have been on the receiving end many times. Someday, sometime, can I please be a giver?”

You see, the gifts Norma so gratefully handled had come from others who knew how tight the budget was for her family that year. Today she remembers that Christmas and that prayer and offers a different prayer of gratitude. Now Sister Dastrup is able to join her husband, Mack, in being generous to others.


Ever since “coming into some extra money” a few years back, the Dastrups have enjoyed being able to help support students at LDS Business College. They say they had more than they needed and knew they needed to do more to help. A call to Church Headquarters led them to a conversation with Terry Wall of LDS Philanthropies.

After hearing about their philanthropic desires, Terry told them, “Young people come in and share their stories about wanting an education but having to work whatever job they can get instead. We dig down in the drawer, if you will, and we find something to help them. That’s where you come in. You help put something in the drawer so we can pull it out when needed.”

The Dastrups decided to quietly do just that. They would help students get a higher education. “I didn’t get one myself,” says Norma. “I just raised a big family and went to the school of hard knocks. So for someone else to get a chance just makes me weepy.”

Mack is grateful to help the College and enjoys hearing how the school blesses students’ lives -particularly its success with job placement. “I’m into the finished products,” Mack explains. “I want to see where they go with what they get. Many students are able to find part-time jobs. Some stay right in that job, get promotions, and it works out well. That’s impressive.”

Not wanting any reward in this life for their actions, and a little uncomfortable even being interviewed for this article, they agreed to share their experience in hopes that others may also feel the desire to help the young people at the College.

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