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Scholarship and Study in China Advance Young Father’s Education

September 2013

Nathan Jorgensen knew that studying long hours, filling Church assignments, and working odd jobs to support his family was spreading himself much too thin.

“I looked at my load and feared I would have to postpone school or choose to perform poorly to make it all work,” says Jorgenson, who is majoring in marriage and family studies in the School of Family Life, a part of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences.

nathan-jorgensenNathan Jorgensen says to his benefactors: “Your kindness is helping shape my future, and your example guides me.”

But thanks to scholarship money, the senior from Troy, Michigan, could focus on school, family, and church. In the process he feels that his education was not merely advanced but was accelerated and enriched.

Among his choicest experiences as a BYU student was the year he and his family spent in China on a study abroad and international internship. In China his life’s path became clearer, and he gained a better understanding of his talents. “The research and study provided great experience, and the teaching and speaking in Chinese broadened my horizons,” says Jorgensen. The time abroad also strengthened family ties as he and his wife and children drew closer and learned to rely on each other.

Throughout his scholastic career, something that has inspired Jorgensen is a piece of counsel from longtime BYU friend and benefactor, Ira Fulton, who said: “We want you to be able to dream—not daydream—dream. We want you to be able to dream because if you can dream for the future, you can create your vision. If you can create your vision, you can make it happen.”

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