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January 2013

Every year thousands of high school graduates burst with excitement at the prospects of attending Brigham Young University. For most, it’s a dream come true. For some, there’s a moment of dread. They worry about paying for their higher education. So often, it’s the goodness of others — those who are farther down the road — who reinvest in the next generation.

To ease the burden of students who are capable but financially strapped, BYU created the Signature Experience. The Signature Experience provides either a scholarship for tuition that is based on need, or it funds a research project that is tailor-made for the student and professor, called mentored learning.

The Signature Scholarship is named after you, the donor, or someone of your choice. It provides students with full tuition for two semesters.

The Signature Mentorship allows upperclassmen opportunities to work side by side with a professor in their field. This has proven to be a very effective program. BYU undergraduates have exceptional learning experiences working with professors. They often distinguish themselves by doing graduate level research as undergraduates.

It is impossible to measure the generations of good a Signature Scholarship can have on students, nor the influence a Signature Mentorship can have as it springboards a young student into his or her career.

Donors to the Signature Experience agree to support the program for four consecutive years. An early reward for their donation comes when they meet the student for the first time during a special luncheon held to honor the givers and the receivers. There is an instant bonding. Feelings are rich. Hugs are ample. Neither donor nor student is ever the same. Donors often remark how they feel they’ve added another member to their family.

Please consider how you might bless future generations with a Signature Experience. Such generosity will be returned to you and your family many times over.

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