Thank You!

We are grateful to all of you who pitched in either by sharing content and/or making gifts during the #GIVINGCOUGSDAY campaign. During a year when both students and donors were impacted by financial constraints it is inspiring that so many were able to pitch in and make this a successful campaign.


Remembering Your Alma Mater

Giving Cougsday is a day set aside each year—usually around Homecoming—to remember the fun, the challenges, and the excitement of attending BYU and send some love to the students who are following in our footsteps. All the donations go to help students and create inspiring learning experiences such as study-related jobs, mentorships, scholarships, research opportunities, internships and, when possible, conferences and travel abroad studies.

Katie Hart

Tenaciously Beating the Odds

As a teenager, BYU accounting student Katie Hart experimented with drugs and even experienced homelessness. Remarkably, she overcame those challenges and is now a student in BYU Marriott’s master of accountancy program. Her new path began when she was taken in as a teenager by a family who were members of the Church.

Say Thanks!

Were you blessed by scholarships or financial aid as a student at BYU? Take a few minutes to thank the donors who support students by leaving a short message.