Thank you for showing some love for BYU and make a difference in the lives of students on Giving Cougsday.

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One female Pathway Worldwide student studying on her laptop, another female Pathway Worldwide student smiling.

A Record-Setting Giving Cougsday

Congratulations on a record-breaking Giving Cougsday! Alumni, students, and friends of BYU donated more than 2,100 gifts—the most ever for Giving Cougsday—totaling enough for 84 full-tuition, single-semester scholarships for BYU students.

All this to say that you made an enormous difference for the university and its students—and there are many grateful students who appreciate your generosity. Thank you for being a part of Giving Cougsday.

Myla Parke on campus at Brigham Young University.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Myla Parke’s donor-funded internship at the Religious Studies Center had special meaning in her life. “I love religious education. I am interested in publishing material that will help others deepen their conversion and bring them closer to Christ.”

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